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Take A Chance On Me

Kaparla Chianti Classico Larbellah Team Leader Acacian Special Event
Giltedge Angel Dust
Kaparla Just Because Fantango Wild Oats
Xanthos Are You Talking To Me
Kaparla On A Mission Giltedge Blackwatch Standfast Dream Ticket  from Kerrien
Yellowfetch Pixie Dust
Chaleur Wearing Prada Dewmist Silver Song
Chaleur Unforgetable

Grannys´Gilr Lilandi
of Mellow´s Cottage

Race The Sun de Ria Vela
Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa Glenmoray Field Gunner
Kimwhany Optimist at Ronjalee
Dolche Candy de Ria Vela Paudell Pure Passion
Timanfaya de Ria Vela
Fairy Princess Miralou
of Mellow´s Cottage

Chinnordale Rockhopper Catcombe Corblimey
Chinnordale Kalypso Kate
Enchantress Kimani of Mellows´s Cottage Daily Rays Charming Spring
Countess Sanora of Mellow´s Cottage

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